Suparna Malhotra

Suparna is an in-demand, professional development executive coach, speaker and facilitator, working with Founders and C-suite executives for two decades across London, the Middle East and India. Her global experience provides valuable insights for her clients as they navigate a changing global business environment. Past clients have included large financial institutions, tech companies, government bodies and multi-national organizations such as Glory Global, Coca Cola European Partners, Coca Cola Company, Natixis Bank, Coutts Bank, Twining and IAS Leadership, the civil service of the Indian Government. 

She is a keynote speaker on women in the workplace, diversity and female leadership. In 2018, Suparna was part of an invited panel for an International Women’s Day seminar at the House of Lords. She has spoken at various professional networking events including, among others, at Fortune 100 companies, Ellevate, BEI Network, internal women’s networks. She is the founder and host of Rise with Confidence, the specialist seminars for female leaders.