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Welcome to Pardada Pardadi UK “bring education to India”, a British based charity (Registered no: 1166879), formed in May 2016. (Originally named BETI, re registered in February 2020 as Pardada Pardadi UK, or PPES UK)

PPES UK supports and fundraises for Pardada Pardadi (PPES), which is an Indian NGO dedicated to the education and development of girls and women in rural India. PPES was formed in 2000, by Virender ‘Sam’ Singh. His vision; “To facilitate the creation of a socially and economically empowered model for rural development.” His journey has been tough, having to overcome an entrenched patriarchal culture that is widespread on the Indian sub-continent. Sam’s rationale for his vision is self evident in the summary below…..

Female children in rural India are considered social and economic burdens. They face immense challenges including access to education, illiteracy, violence and gender bias. It is at the age of 11 that most girls are pressured into dropping out of school, causing these disturbing figures. Statistics show that 52% of all women in Uttar Pradesh are illiterate and that only 1 girl in every 100 will complete secondary education.

PPES provides free education, job opportunities, healthcare, and livelihood enhancement for girls and women from the marginalised sections of society and enables them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

The education of women has proven to have economic and social benefits. Pardada Pardadi is dedicated to making these benefits a reality in rural India! They include:

Learn more: https://www.education4change.org/

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