Health and Hygiene

PPES’ mission is to enable rural development through the education, employment and empowerment of girls and women. However, without good health this is not a possibility. Therefore, PPES is committed to providing their students with quality healthcare. Not only this, but PPES is also committed to addressing the health needs and providing health and hygiene education to the PPES staff and the other girls and women in the rural villages.

Progress and Growth over time:

  • In 2012, PPES established a student health centre called Prana. This centre operated 6 days a week to provide healthcare and health and hygiene advice for students at PPES.
  • Due to the lack of quality healthcare in Anupshahr, PPES opened the Prana Health Center in 2016. This new clinic allowed for the expansion if the health program, providing not only for the student and staff at PPES, but also the villagers on Anupshahr.
  • Since then, Prana has also operates mobile surgeries so that healthcare can be made available as widely as possible.

Making a Difference

There are medical volunteer opportunities at Prana, including patient care, public health and research projects, and the opportunity to train local medical professionals on better medical practices. The 180,000 people living here experience a lack of access to basic medical care. The vast majority of people suffer silently, and die, without a proper diagnosis from a medical professional. Tuberculosis, malaria, typhoid, polio, and diabetes affect this population. Educating our people on preventative healthcare is vital to minimize the spread of preventable diseases. This is an exciting period for the health centre with immense opportunity for students and volunteers. With the help of the volunteers and donors, the people of this village will experience health care, which would have otherwise been both inaccessible and unaffordable to them.

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