The aim of the educational program at PPES is to empower girls socially and economically. The main focus of the program is to encourage each girl to become an independent thinker and self-learner.

Pardada Pardadi runs four schools that are affiliated with the U.P. Board. PPES has one pre-primary school (Emma Horne School), two primary schools (Satya Bharti Schools), and one senior school (Pardada Pardadi Inter College). PPES is also associated with the Bhagwati Sarla Paliwal Inter College Jattari in Aligarh.

The school costs not only cover education but 3 meals a day, uniforms, study materials, transportation, health facilities, field trips, and more, all included. On top of this, for each day of attendance, INR 10 are transferred to the girl’s account from class 6 onward. From class 9, this becomes INR 15. This money is used as a fund for the girl’s higher education and also an incentive for parents to send their daughters to school.

The PPES educational system focuses not only on core academics but activity-based learning and personality development as well. PPES enables girls to learn and build life skills through its various classes and extracurricular activities.

  • Personality Development: PPES has many persoanlity development classes. Some examples include human rights, women empowerment, art, theatre and public speaking.
  • Sports Program: PPES has a comprehensive sports program in which all the students are encouraged to participate in at least one sport. PPES also organise a marathon every year in Anupshahr to address girls’ rights in relation to playing and participating in sports.
  • Leaderhsip and Volunteering: PPES in a big believer in giving back to society. Therefore, PPES has implemented leadership and volunteer programs for the girls at the school. This enables the girls to practice environmental awareness, open-mindedness, and introduces them to new cultures and traditions, all with the aim of making them global citizens.

Hands-on learning environment

Science Lab

Built in July 2012, the science lab allows students to get practical experience in the subjects of physics, chemistry and biology.

English Lab

The English lab combines the use of traditional teaching with CDs, DVDs, and computer games so that students gain a working knowledge of the English language.

Computer Lab

Built in 2004, the computer lab offers girls a chance to learn the basics of programming and coding. This enables them to pursue computer science in higher education should they want to.

Maths Lab

Historically, girls were not encouraged to study maths. The creation of a Maths Lab at PPES allows girls to build their confidence in the of study mathematics.

Higher Education

PPES believes that their role does not end with the graduation of a girl from senior school. The school helps put together a financial package and provides continued guidance for every graduate so that they can pursue further studies. The guidance provided proves to be immensely beneficial as the girls can make the most of their opportunity to study, realise their professional ambitions, and be financially independent.

“I am from a village which is like a thousand others in rural UP, where there is least concern about the education of the girl child. I am lucky, I had the opportunity to study at Pardada Pardadi school. Here, I learnt my potential as a human being. Not only did I learn from the school curriculum, but my strengths were identified and nurtured. The school taught me to value myselfcand made me a confident woman.”

Anju Gautam, PPES Graduate

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