There are several great initiatives that will benefit from your generous donations, and you can choose how you would like to support PPES.

COVID – 19 Appeal

The funds raised for this appeal will be used for oxygen related equipment, medication, testing kits, hospital expenses, food ration kits, health kits, transportation and other necessities benefiting the rural Indian communities during this difficult time. If you think that there is a shortage of oxygen supplies, ventilators and hospital beds in big cities, just imagine the plight of those in the many rural villages of India. Pardada Pardadi continues to look after the community of 120 villages they support, with the aim of providing them with the care they so desperately need. You can make a difference by donating to this vital cause today!

Sponsor the education of a girl

Girls can enrol at the age of 3, and each girl receives free uniform, free transport, free education, and 3 free meals per day. Girls graduate at the age of 18. The cost of educating one girl is

  • One year £360
  • Five Years is £1950*
  • Nine Years is £3,900*

* The costs for 5 years and 9 years includes inflationary assumptions

Donate towards the HPV Vaccine

The HPV vaccination helps prevent the development of cervical cancer in women. Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers to occur in women and is the cause of many cancer-related deaths each year. In the UK, Europe and many other countries, girls and boys at the ages of 12 and 13 years are administered the vaccination as part of the national health programme. In India, the HPV vaccine is not a part of the national immunisation programme. At a cost of approximately Rs5600 per child, the vaccine remains prohibitive to most women and girls from poor households. By donating towards this initiative, you are giving these girls a chance to be free from the risk of cervical cancer, and thus the opportunity to have a brighter future and a longer life.

Buy a specific item much in demand at PPES / General Donations

  • £25 | A Field trip for a class of 30 girls to enrich their education
  • £45 | Bicycle (that enables a girl to get to and from school)
  • £120 | Tablet with cover, insurance and SIM 1.5GB daily data
  • £400 | Computer or Laptop for girls to use at school
  • £500 | Fund the cost of equipment to set up a milk collection micro business
  • £500 | Fund the cost of a solar lamp micro business
  • £1125 | Buffalo for a village woman to enable a degree of economic independence
  • £10,000 | Classroom to expand the school
  • Other

In addition to direct donations, you can also help PPES by using the “Giving Machine” and “Amazon Smile”

Every time you use ‘The giving machine’ referral site (linked to over 2000+ shops including John Lewis, M&S and Next), they will give PPES UK 0.5-2.1% of your total spend. Simply purchase your goods through and follow the instructions

Similarly, shop through Amazon SMILE and 0.5% of your spent will come to PPES UK – at no cost to you. Simply register with these sites and select Pardada Pardadi UK ‘Bring Education to India’ as your nominated charity.

Amazon Smile – Log into your Amazon account as normal. Use an internet browser.

  1. Then go to the url
  2. It will ask you to choose your charity
  3. Under the section: “Or pick your own charitable organisation:”
  4. Type “Beti” and search
  5. Then select: Pardada Pardadi UK ‘Bring Education to India’
  6. At the top of your Smile page it will show
    “Supporting: Pardada Pardadi UK ‘Bring Education to India’
  7. Go ahead and spend!